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Tuesday 31st December 2002

Less = More (Reprise)

And so we come to the last day of Less = More.

This section hasnít gone the way I expected.

There wasnít enough to write on my idea of doing Less to find time to do More.

I thought I could write a books worth but I ran out and expanded into a more generalised look at life and motivation.


Funnily enough, I may get the chance to train and implement my idea in a company next month.

Whilst Iíve trained groups in this idea before, Iíve never had the opportunity to have a company adopt it.

So it will be interesting to see what happens.


I am most fascinated by what motivates us.

As humans we mostly make conscious choices, and in any split second we choose to do what we do.

We can do nothing or we can do something.

Thereís always a choice.

We can start now in this split second to change, but we largely donít.

I wonder why that is.

Most of us are dissatisfied with our lot.

We want more, we want to progress, and yet we donít do anything about it.

Even if we get motivated, we read a book or magazine, attend a workshop, we buzz for a while and then fall back into our old ways.

Why is that?

And yet we still desire more but arenít prepared to change.

This fascinates me.

What is it that will change people for longer than a few days or weeks?

What is it that motivates them to change and keep it going?

All the success stories you hear about are about the 5% who do change, but what about the rest?


I have always counted myself as part of the 95% but in writing this for a year, I have something to show for my time.

This has been 5%er activity

I strongly recommend you committing in your New Years resolution to do something for a whole year and sticking to it.

Something what will give you output at the end of it.


I am still puzzled given that we all have 24 hours in the day what makes some people more ďsuccessfulĒ than others.

And when I say successful I donít just mean rich and wealthy.

I mean people of all kinds whoíve left a mark on the world and made it a better place.

Itís not what the successful people do that I wonder about; itís what they donít do.

What is it in 24 hours per day that successful people donít do?

Have they made sacrifices in their lives that most of us arenít prepared to make?

Any answers?


Monday 30th December 2002

What Should I Do With My Life?

This article in Fast Company is fundamental to answering that question, in terms of your work in life.

Have a read. What Should I Do With My Life?

Itís asking you to think with your heart and not your head as to what you really want to do in life.


Iím well on the way to achieving heartfelt work, but I donít yet do anything which I feel I can sustain beyond a few years.

That is the ultimate test to pass, to realise what your purpose is in life and align you work up with it.

Iím not there yet but Iím well on the way.


Iím trying to find some quotes from it to tempt you but every paragraph is important.

So please read the article!


Sunday 29th December 2002

More Dragons Slayed

So the domino effect has been set off by me finally completing my UK tax returns after years of guilt.

Redone my office and tidied it up.

And better still just done my Aussie quarterly GST tax return.

Letís see if I can keep this going with my new lease of life.


Slay one Dragon and you have the taste for blood!


Saturday 28th December 2002


Thereís nothing like Ego to drive a person.

I donít know if itís true but I heard that Paul McCartney wants to change the credits for some of the Beatles songs, and put his name first where he deserves the credit.

Now that is one massive ego!

He was also due to come to Melbourne but declined out of respect to the Bali bomb victims.

Did he ask them if he should stay away?

Why is it few here believe him?

Maybe it would have been better to give free back stage passes to all the victims and the bereaved families.

And talking of egos, who the hell is Yoko Ono to fight back to defend the ďLennon FirstĒ legal action.

Another massive ego.

Anyway thatís beside the point, what I was trying to say is that most great achievers seem to have massive egos.

It seems to be a common driving force that drives them on and on and enables them to persist through thick and thin.

So get sharpening that massive ego.


I heard an interview with Paul McCartney a few years ago, saying that in spite of his great success, he still worries most about the success of the current album.

So ego has a downside as well. It drove him to success and appears to now be ruining his happiness.

So be warned before you make your pact with the devil!


Friday 27th December 2002


Always a good idea to occasionally move things around a bit, and take a different perspective.

So thatís what Iím doing today, tidying up and moving things around my office and bringing another table in.

Letís hope that brings an even more productive 2003.


Thursday 26th December 2002

Slayed my Dragon

Today I slayed my dragon.

My one main weakness, the one thing Iíve been putting off for years.

My UK Tax Returns!


Iíd like to say it was some great motivational thing I did which set me going.

But it wasnít, it was the threat of even greater fines that finally after too many years to confess I sat down today and slayed them all.


The greatest thing I did was to overcome my perfectionist; the voice which tells me unless itís perfect I wonít do it at all.

So in other words Iíve been putting this off for years because each year I wasnít gathering all the information.

I wanted it to be 100% correct or not at all, even though I was paying fines and putting it off and off.

And now with one big effort and a great sense of relief Iíve done it.

Even if each one is 90% correct.Thatís a big one for me.


Itís not as thought the UK Inland Revenue act like dragons.

Everyone Iíve ever spoken to or information Iíve received has been more than helpful.


The point Iím getting at is that my biggest enemy has been my own perfectionist.

A weird kind of perfectionist who wonít do something at all unless itís perfect.

And today Iíve overcome my greatest enemy.



What itís helped me do is do all the little things Iíve been putting off for years as well.

Some documents that need address changes, a quarterly Australian tax return.

A postcard Iíve been meaning to send of over a year!


What Dragon do you need to slay?

And howís your perfectionist today?


Wednesday 25th December 2002

Whatís Important

Iíve had a real low key Christmas today.

Lunch with the family, but nothing over the top.

Not over eaten, felt relaxed, and Georgia my 15 month old daughter has been a delight today.

Tea later with the family and thatís the day.


Those are the important things for me, and now writing this tonight.

Itís reminded me today what I enjoy and whatís important to me, as if I didnít know already.


Tuesday 24th December 2002


Belief goes a long long way.

Belief in a cause.

A righteous cause.

Just think how little authority and power, Ghandi, Mandela and Luther King had.

And yet their belief in a righteous cause, shifted mountains.

They had no perceived power and yet changed and shifted things significantly.

Makes you wonder what we can each achieve as humans, for the good of the world.


Monday 23rd December 2002


My daughter broke my treasured sun glasses yesterday.

I was sulking.They cost all of $20!

So I went and bought another pair of $20 sunglasses from the same shop!

A helpful guy in the shop, the owner I think.

Simple Polaroid skiing sunglasses that look good.

The weird thing is that I learnt how to test if glasses are Polaroid, you rotate the lens against another set of Polaroid glasses and they block out all light.

The weird thing is theyíre Polaroid alright but they donít totally block all light when rotated!Is that possible?Clearly it is!

Anyway, it made me think of simplicity, I could buy 4 pairs of glasses for what most people pay for with $80, so who cares if Georgie breaks these ones, though I will sulk if she does break them, because they look cool.


Itís a lesson to me to simplify things sometimes.

To not seek the most expensive with the most options.

I nearly bought the lowest price mobile phone last week but Iíve gone one better, Iíve kept my current mobile even though I hate it!

What else can I simplify?


Sunday 22nd December 2002


SubPersonalities are an interesting part of Psychotherapy.

(Mind you doing a Google search for subpersonalities throws up so many shitty websites with crap icons and funny coloured background it makes you wonder!)

A simple explanation is that we use different parts of our personality to deal with and cope in various situations.

We are rarely the same person all the time, and we can adapt ourselves depending on the situation.

What is fun, is when we identify and label our subpersonalities and better still is to meet someone who has labelled their subpersonalities and you put them all up against each other.

I once did an exercise with a partner where people in a group role-played mine and my partnerís subpersonalities and we could put them all up against each other.

It was hilarious.

To give you an idea, I just found my old notes from a few years ago, and here are some of my subpersonalities.


Northern Chemist Ė Gets things done, pragmatic, dour, logical, thinker, sensible.

Tigger Ė Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun.

White Knight Ė Comes to the rescue of damsels in distress, good in a crisis when the chips are down, romantic rescuer.

Perfectionist Parent Ė Criticises others for lack of integrity and love, criticises himself for not being creative and inspirational enough.

Mr Flickey Ė Idol sod who watches TV, reads newspapers, surfs the internet, loves chocolate mousse, loves to loaf, and has the attention span of a gnat. Of course this is the person who controls the remote control.

Dreamy Branson Ė Visionary dreamer, creative artist, style, mad thoughts, sometimes whacky but also pragmatic, virgin visionary.


And two more extreme ones Iíve just remembered which are illustrated best by the pictures.And interesting in contrast!

Nazi Bastard Ė Aloof, withdrawn and threatens with silence.That photo still scares the hell out of me. My subpersonality isnít that extreme!!

Little Boy Ė Vulnerable, helpless, needs protecting.


So what are your subpersonalities?Go surf with Google on the Internet to find a website and exercise you feel comfortable with.


Saturday 21st December 2002

Artistís Way Exercises

I just found some Artistís Way exercises I did a few years ago.

These look fun to answer.


Thursday 19th December 2002

Burning Ears

One day youíre talking about something being inactive for months and the next day some one sets the group going again.

Have you ever had that happen when you tell someone their ears must have been burning because the phone you after months just when your talking about them.

So go burn a few ears.


Wednesday 18th December 2002

Not Being Hard on Yourself

Yet another day has drifted by with very little done.

Self loathing.

And yet I asked myself, did I have a $15m day.

Yes I did.The people I met, and talks I had contributed to my step towards a $15m dream.

Today was part of the medium long term.

Ok so I didnít achieve enough short term actions and other things I keep putting off, but actually Iíve had a good day, nice lunch in the sun, the weather is beautiful and I like every person Iíve met today. Iíve had a day of good people, where usually in my office I have a day of bad people Ė long lists of people who havenít contacted me, havenít returned my phone message or havenít emailed me back.


So although initially I felt today has drifted by with nothing done, I ask myself,

ďDid I have a $15m day?Ē and the answer to today is definitely YES.


The people I met today want to meet with me.

Tuesday 17th December 2002

Judging Character

If your gut tells you someone stinks the chances are they do.

Ok, so give people the benefit of the doubt, but your gut feel is probably right.

If has a beak and feathers, webbed feet, and quacks, then the chances are itís a duck.


Iíve just had confirmed to me, more proof about someone I had my doubts about, and so far Iíve been proven right.

I canít exactly say why this person sets my sixth sense alarm bells off, but they do.

A friend met them yesterday and confirmed some of my own feelings about them.


Having said that, if you have an opinion on someone, you go out of your way to find proof that your view is correct.

It could be that the other person has many facets and youíre putting rose tinted glasses on to see a few of those facets, good or bad.

I think of some of my ex relationships, and they sure looked different at the end of them compared to the beginning; itís probably that they havenít changed just my perspective of them.They were neither great nor bad people, and I just focused on their great bits, followed later on by their bad bits.

Love is Blind!!

Mind you some people do change in a relationship and do some stinky things youíd never have thought them capable of.

Yes, you know who you are!


Monday 16th December 2002

Writing to Yourself

Have you ever been on a course where at the end you write a letter to yourself and itís posted in the mail a few weeks later by the person running the course.

I attended a course 3 weeks ago and the letter Iíd written was arrived today.

I always find it very spooky receiving a letter written in your own handwriting.


It was a letter Iíd written after setting up my personal values.


Itís says,


Itís time for more Fun/Play

Live Health

†††††††††† Wealth and Advancement

††††††††††††††† Intimacy


Nice letter; and funnily enough itís my second wedding anniversary tomorrow!


Sunday 15th December 2002

Why write goals down

Many speakers quote the same material in a different guise, that, something along the lines of, they researched a group of students at Yale (or was it Harvard) and the found that those that were successful later on in life had written goals.

And what is a goal?

Itís a dream with actions.

Or something like that.


But why write the goal down?

I now have the answer.

Chaos Theory.

If you write the goal down instead of holding it in your head, you are creating the flap of a Butterflyís wings that sets events moving.

And that flap sets other Butterfly flaps off.

If you didnít write the goal down you wouldnít be doing a physical event that creates some chaos.


Somehow when we develop our dreams and goals and express them, they start to happen.

Itís not so much that the Universe grants us our wishes, as we start to set off minute events, which give us more chance of reaching our goals.


Saturday 14th December 2002

Why are some people successful?

I donít know the answer to this one.

Iím thinking in terms of time, what is it that successful people do that other people donít do.

There are 24 hours in the day, what is it that successful people do?

And more to the point, what is it that successful people donít do in those 24 hours.

When I have the answer Iíll let you know.

Do they delegate?

Do they focus?

Do they cut out something else important and let that slip, like family?

There are only 24 hours in the day, and a lot of those hours are taken up sleeping, showering, brushing your teeth, going to the toilet, and eating.

Maybe they donít do any of those things!

Friday 13th December 2002


Some things are beyond rational.

Thatís why we have intuition.

Sometimes thereís too much information or not enough information and we have to use our gut feel.

That person is lying.That person is sleazy.I trust them.

I like that person.I trust that person.

This situation doesnít feel safe.

Today Iím going to do this.

I donít know why but Iím going to call this person

Thereís so much we donít know than do know.

We live in such a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Imagine if we could see all the radio waves, microwaves, X-Rays, particles that pass through air.

What else is there outside of the electromagnetic spectrum?

What about gravitational force?

Thereís lots of information out there that our rational five senses donít pick up.

I wonder if other parts of us do pick up the signals.


My gut feel usually tell me itís time to eat!

Thursday 12th December 2002


Anecdotes and story telling are some of the most powerful tools in communicating with people.

They illustrate a point and paint a picture.

The best most charismatic, teachers, trainers, politicians, entertainers, comedians, are all good story tellers.

Thatís why Parkinson works so well, thatís why weíre attracted to crap like The Gerry Springer Show.

They're good stories.


I realised yesterday that next year, I may turn this section of writing into developing my anecdotes.

I was struck a few weeks ago by a professional speaker telling a group to develop their library of anecdotes.

He said he had 76 anecdotes for every occasion.

I read the transcript of a recent Tom Peters question and answer session and itís clear that Tom Peters draws from a library of anecdotes.

Thatís one of the reasons heís so good.

He paints a picture and illustrates it with a headline.

So anecdotes here we come.

I have plenty.

I wonder how many before I run dry.

Maybe Iíll start them tomorrow.


Wednesday 11th December 2002

Possibility of Possibilities

Iíve said a bit already on possibility.

Iíd like to illustrate it with something that happened to me a few years ago.

I was in the middle of a Landmark Advanced Course, the Landmark leader gave us an assignment during the break.

ďSpeak to someone during the break and ask them to do something you know theyíre going to say no to.Ē

I thought of calling a friend and invite him to Landmark; I knew heíd say no.

Just as I was thinking of calling him, whilst we were walking along to have dinner during the break, one of the attendees asked me for a light for his cigarette.

And the light switched on in my head, there was my task.I said to him,

ďSo you smoke?Can you see the possibility of giving up smoking?Ē I knew heíd say no!

ďYes,Ē he replied, ďbut Iím not going to give up smoking!Ē

ďBut you can see the possibility of giving up?Ē

ďYes, I can see the possibility of giving up smoking.Ē

Iím there I thought, he can at least see the possibility.

He turned to me.

ďTony, have you ever smoked or been a smoker.Ē

ďNo, I said, Iíve never even had a drag of a cigarette, ever.Ē

ďWell, can you see the possibility of taking up smoking?Ē

He had me didnít he.

I was taken aback.

If I was getting him to see the possibility of giving up smoking, then it was only right that I could see the possibility of taking up smoking.

So we walked and went into the restaurant where he and some of the smokers pointed out the possibility (and advantages!) of taking up smoking.

I really listened.In order to present them with my possibility, I had to step into their possibility.


We went back to the course.I thought about the possibility of taking up smoking.

I thought about how Iíve always clung on to this holy thing of never having had even a drag of a cigarette.

I went home, I slept on it.

I woke in the morning and I realised what a pompous git I can sometimes be, on my high horse, and thinking how wonderful I am to have never smoked a cigarette.

I decided there and then to get off my high horse and have a drag of a cigarette before the Advanced Course started that morning.

I walked to Landmark, and outside the smokers were gathered.I explained to them that I wanted a drag of a cigarette.Most of them refused!!

Eventually some let me have one.I held it, and took my first ever breathe of cigarette.

It tasted absolutely disgusting. I inhaled as much as I knew what inhaling was, held it in, and breathed it out vowing never again!!

There, Iíve done it I can now never claim Iíve not had a cigarette and climb down from my pompous high horse.


We went into the course.

People can go to the front and share their experiences of whatís happened to them in the last 12 hours.

I went to the front and told my story to the 100+ gathered there.

How Iíve climbed down from my pompous high horse, and how Iíve seen possibility in myself and others.

Done.Or so I thought.


At the back of the room the guy who Iíd talked to the night before about the possibility of giving up smoking.

He came to the front and related his story and how heíd slept on it overnight, and finally this is something like what he said at the end,

ďIíve thought about what Tony and I were talking about last night, and I realised I could see the possibility of giving up smoking, and I woke up this morning and Iíve decided to give up smoking.I stopped when I woke up this morning!!!!Ē


So I smoked and he gave up smoking and we both without communicating from the time we left the restaurant both stepped in to each otherís possibility.

In order for him to change, I fully embraced what he was talking about.I stepped into his possibility.

And miraculously he changed.


Tuesday 10th December 2002

Self Doubt

There are days when most of us have self doubt.

Letís be realistic about this instead of pretending otherwise.

Today, this afternoon, I was suddenly washed over with self doubt.

Was it something Iíd eaten at lunchtime?

I had a few meetings today, it was nothing to do with them, they seemed to all go well.

Just thoughts of what am I doing, what should I be doing, am I making best use of my time.


I guess I need to go with this roller-coaster.

Iíve been very up for the last few weeks and done a lot of creating.

And Iím guessing itís post creation blues when the thrill of creating new things and the reality of action and now making them work is beginning to hit me.And then lots of other worries hit me.


Roller Coaster, Roller Coaster, Up Up Up, and Down Down Down Down, as it says in my daughterís Hi-5 video!


Monday 9th December 2002

More Luck

Back to luck again.

That quote again from Gary Player,

ďThe more I practise, the luckier I get.Ē

Well today, I discovered that the stuff Iíve been working on has a symmetrical pattern about it.

Just fluke.But itís so significant it looks like itís been designed that way.

In fact other parts of the design also have coincidences about them.


Iíve put so much thought and work into this stuff over the last few weeks, that already itís starting to create luck.

Interesting, after what Iíve been saying about Creating Chaos.

Fate is now beginning to take charge.


Sunday 8th December 2002

Blind Faith

Sometimes you have to take things on blind faith.

I was struck by this article, Interview with Dr. Brian Vonk of The Optimal Wellness Center

ďArthritis has multiple causes or triggers. It usually is due to our diet, stress, environmental factors, or a combination of these.

I never determined exactly what it was in our diets that caused ours, but improving our nutrition broke the vicious cycle and allowed our bodies to heal themselves.Ē

In other words, Brian Vonk had a breakthrough in changing his diet but doesnít exactly know specifically what cured his arthritis!

Does that mean changing your diet to cure arthritis isnít valid?No.

All too often, we want the proof that something exists before we believe it exists.

What about believing it exists until someone proves it doesnít exist.Like God.

Too many donít believe in God because thereís no proof that God exists.

But what about believing God exists until someone proves God doesnít exist.

Thatís a much safer bet anyway, because if God does exist and you believe God doesnít exist, youíre in big trouble!!


People are so sceptical nowadays, and I guess they always were sceptical to people who say things against commonly held beliefs.

Sometimes itís worth listening to them.People who are different to us and have different beliefs from us, hold the key to progress.

On the other hand, do you think Iím going to listen to some doctor who wants to inject my daughter with the latest vaccine, and take that on blind faith?

I guess Iím picking and choosing my blind faiths here!

You know what I mean though.

Saturday 7th December 2002


You want to make lots of money?

Then read Big Bucks by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles.


Thereís an important principle in there (that I keep forgetting!)

The first principle, ďThe Test of JoyĒ is,

ďYou canít make money

Unless youíre having


In other word you have to be passionate about the work you do.


More importantly though is ďThe Test of PurposeĒ,

ďYou canít make money

Unless Making Money is


Than Having funĒ


And thatís the mistake I and many others make.

We get it that we should follow our passion, which is The Test of Joy.

But if you only followed that rule then youíd be a hobbyist with a shop or two.


More importantly is to realise that Moneymaking is above having fun.


And thatís where I keep going wrong.

Iím having fun, but Iím not focusing on the Moneymaking enough!

What about you?

Are you having fun?

Are you making moneymaking more important than having fun.


Thereís two more ďTestsĒ in the book as well, but youíll have to buy the book to find out what they are!


Friday 6th December 2002

Create Fate

That is the most profound thing Iíve written all year.Create Fate.

What do I mean?

Iím beginning to believe that what differentiates people is the amount of fate they create.

Sure, sometimes we donít control fate, events sometimes control us, but the more I look at my own life the more I realise that miniscule events, Butterfly Wing flaps cause events to happen.First let me quote the official stuff. Chaos Theory: A Brief Introduction

ďThe flapping of a single butterfly's wing today produces a tiny change in the state of the atmosphere. Over a period of time, what the atmosphere actually does diverges from what it would have done. So, in a month's time, a tornado that would have devastated the Indonesian coast doesn't happen. Or maybe one that wasn't going to happen, does. (Ian Stewart, Does God Play Dice? The Mathematics of Chaos, pg. 141)Ē


So in other words, very small events can multiply into something big.

Iím coming to believe that those who are successful in life or who get what they want, arenít any more talented, or motivated, or lucky, or anything else, other than they set off more events which creates more chaos which gives them a better chance of succeeding.

Iíve said it before the reason that people who have and write down their goals are successful is because they subconsciously start to set off more events which in turn gives them a better chance of reaching their goals.

Itís not just that the universe starts to grant their wish, but also they start to do things in a miniscule different way.


I was thinking about my own life.

How did I end up in Melbourne, aged 41, married to Annie, and with Georgia aged 14 months, running my own Sales Training company?

Every event that has led me here has been a small twist of fate.

How did I meet Annie?My cousin introduced us.

How did my cousin know to introduce us?

She was over in Manchester, England for a family event, and I happened to have travelled to the same event from London.

I told her about what was happening in my life.She acted upon that.

What if I hadnít told her?What if I hadnít have gone to Manchester?

Almost everything in my life is down to an event, not usually random, involving people meeting each other.

If I track everything back, it of course leads to my Mother, Father and Sister, and if you do some detective work, youíll find that there a few people who shine as being the source of many events in your life, leading to many more events.

I donít know about Guardian Angels, but Guardian Butterflies seems more appropriate. My mother has set off a huge number of events in my life.

Sheís an amazing person for setting off lots of events for people, some good and some bad.She doesnít seem to benefit herself from them, but other people are affected by her flapping.

Thereís very few events I created myself when younger, but the one big one which was all mine, was taking it upon myself to go to the local careers office in Wilmslow to seek advice on my education.It was the great guy there (and not my school, who let me down), that really set my adult life up by going to University.If I hadnít gone down to the careers office, who knows what would have happened.

And just those two words today, CREATE FATE, have set up a whole list of my own quotes (I think theyíre my own).

Damn it, I just looked it up on Google, and thereís loads of Create Fates!What about these from me;

The More Failures I have, the more Successes Iíll have.

The more NOs I collect, the more YESs Iíll get.

The more Frogs I kiss, the more Princesses Iíll meet.

The more I practise the luckier I get (that oneís from Gary Player the golfer).

The more people I talk to, the more fate I create.

Create Fate.

Create more Chaos.

Every second we do nothing, nothing is likely to happen!


Think about it.

How did you meet your partner?

What brought you here today?

How did you get your job and other jobs?

Where were you born and where do you live?How come?


Almost every event in our lives happens through a chance encounter with someone!

But you usually have to set up that chance encounter.


So what to make of all this?Iíll tell you what; you can choose events in your life like watching the TV which is unlikely to set events off, or you can do things which will set events off.You can surf the Internet in isolation and not come into contact with anyone, or you can communicate with people over the internet, by Weblogs, groups, random chat, emails, your own website.I can see why Weblogs work now.Theyíre event creators.Even if you donít publish very visibly on the Internet, people find you and events start to happen. How the hell did I get 101 page requests to my website yesterday.Iíve hardly publicised or worked on publicising my website.I have a dream of 100 readers per day and I set that at the beginning of the year.And guess what?Today as I write this Iíve started to achieve it.Not 100 consistant readers, but Iím getting there. And jeez, I just noticed that my Alexa ranking is now 199,011, not that I read too much into that but itís a nice trend having started at 2 million plus 6 months ago.


Be an event creator.Create Fate.Create Chaos.Set more wings flapping.


Thursday 5th December 2002

Heart or Head

Iíve been talking to someone recently and I couldnít figure out what didnít quite feel right.

And I realised today, they talk with their head not their heart.

They mean well, but something never seems quite right to me, and thatís what I think it is.

What they say doesnít come from their heart.

It sounds good, but thereís something missing.

As someone whoís spent most of my life in my head, and only the last few years for part of the time in my heart and gut, I know what itís like to be that way.

What are you, Heart or Head?


Wednesday 4th December 2002

Vision and Action revisited

Most companies are crap. 

It goes back to my theory of Vision and Action. 

People either have Vision or Action, or both, or neither. 

Itís ok if youíre an MD with only Vision as long as you surround yourself with people of Action to put that Vision into Action. 

If youíre an MD of Action you need people of Vision around you. 

The trouble is, people of Action surround themselves with people of Action. 

Look at most I.T companies, especially British ones. 

You can classify all people into Vision or Action. 

It works very well.  I once did it!!  It explains everything very very quickly. 


So do you have Vision or Action or both?

Do you have all talk and no action, or all action and no direction and purpose.

Maybe you have neither.

If youíre missing one or both then partner with people who can compliment what you donít have.

Mind you, youíll probably drive each other mad.


Tuesday 3rd December 2002


Possibility is about realising that all things are possible.

Thereís not such thing as NO.

If thereís a will, thereís a way.

Possibility for yourself and possibility for the world.

Once you accept possibility you accept that anything is achievable and can be created.

(Just re-reading the above paragraph, I sound like some kind of hypnotised zombie!)


I learnt all this doing the Landmark Forum, and Advanced, which I highly recommend (though some see it as a brainwashing cult!!)

Donít believe the hype.Most of the people whoíve done the Landmark Forum swear by it, even if thereís a dissenting and vocal few against it.

Blimey, I just had a look at some of the anti Landmark stuff on the Internet, and reading that stuff, I wouldnít do the Forum either!!

Speak to someone whoís actually attended it rather than hearsay.


I created my possibility from the Advanced course which I still stand by.

Who I am is the possibility of,

Integrity, Creativity, Inspiration, Love, Fun

This is who I am.


Thatís what I stand for.Thatís what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Thatís what I see for myself, thatís what I encourage in others, and thatís what I see as possible in the world.

But I donít attempt to foster it or preach it to anyone else.


Possibility.Itís what is possible.If you looked back now to 5 years ago, would you have believed all the things that have happened to you.

Did you think they were possible or life would move in this way?

I could never ever have believed my life now from 5 years ago.

Now, happily married, living in Melbourne, with a gorgeous 14 month old daughter, and working for myself.

Get out of here.

Thatís possibility for you!


Monday 2nd December 2002

Doing it for Yourself

I seem to remember a recent quote I put on my pages from Barry Humphries about Doing it for Yourself.

Right now, Iím creating for myself and seeing if the world wants some of it, instead of creating for the world and compromising myself.

I guess you have to supply to what the market wants and at the same time be true to yourself.

Iím beginning to realise, I Hate Bullet Points on PowerPoint Presentations!


Sunday 1st December 2002


Just in case you take motivation and life too seriously, then check this out.

the 2003 demotivatorsģ collection

Itís so true.A few words on a poster ainít going to change anything.

Itís about action (or realising your limitations and settling for that!).

The more I look at this website, the better it gets!

Try these.I canít stop laughing.






and my favourite procrastination